Years of work

eiohel-logoI’ve been writing and creating for decades.  I do, however, need to eat – and so does my family.


I love sharing ideas, and will always strive to be generous with mine.  In fact, I sincerely believe that sharing is the basis of humanity.  Without it, we are but base figures of mythological cruelty; with it, we become noble, and are able to ennoble others.


We learn to become young human beings – toddling towards prized independence, even as we remain in the grip of everyday fears of loss, abandonment, disrespect and wider ignorance – through what later becomes the worst crime of all: that of copying.

A tool so powerful is cut off at its knees, as schools and education systems prohibit the sharing of knowledge.

I don’t agree with this.  I never have.  And it has – in a curious way, I now think – affected the life I’ve lived.


patreonSo with all these incomprehensions and confusions onboard, here’s a kind of upturned hat in the street: if you find what I do intriguing, fascinating, uncomfortable or just downright ludicrous, why not consider supporting me financially?

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