What really engages me?  What do I like doing?

Lots of things: mainly related to thinking, and its consequences.

Am happy to contemplate and get involved in almost any kind of project, as long as it’s legal, progressive and teaches us something new.

I have a particular fondness for:

  • politics
  • community
  • journalism (mainstream and hyperlocal)
  • online environments and constitutions
  • culture, in its least restrictive sense
  • truth

I’m currently attempting – have been doing so for almost a year now – to convince journalists and other news people that non-journalistic stuff could be cool things to work with.

Maybe it’s now time I kinda tried in the opposite direction: convince artists that community journalism could be right up their street.

An easier sell, p’raps?


Some details on stuff I’ve studied:

  • BA Hons in Film & Literature at the University of Warwick, UK
  • University Master in Publishing at the University of Salamanca, Spain / Santillana Publishing Group

Want to see some of the things that have made my brain whirr in the past?   Click here, and read more if you dare!

Meanwhile, the recent past has been like this.

And my Christmas gone by provoked these thoughts.


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How I got here

At 37, I fell apart.  It took me four more years to utterly disintegrate.

My fall from grace was complete.

Recently, I learned more about the number 37.

Now I love the number 37.

Now I am beginning to heal.  I don’t know if that’s myself – or, maybe, with the help of others; but I am beginning to come to terms with myself; to forgive myself; to love myself maybe, even – one day, anyhow.

Are those dumb things to do and say?  Is that narcissistic me?  Am I just invading the public sphere with my own navel-gazing?

I dunno.

Really do not.

I just know that now: 37, you rock.