“See, #C?”*

“See, #C?  I do still remember you …” #salamanca #spain scene just now … #happiermil 

* I wasn’t sure whether to play this one as per the final scene of “The Graduate”, but decided in the end surely not.  In the deepest place of my heart, I remain an optimistic soul.  No one will permanently rid me of this.  And no event shall, either.

As I concluded in my previous post, most likely I will work the rest of my days out in Liverpool, spend my weekends and retirement in Dublin, and enjoy short breaks with my children and their mother in what I expect to remain their home in Salamanca, Spain.  For that is their wish, and the least I can do for having ripped their lives apart fourteen years ago.

The least their mother and I, both, can do.

Life is messy, but it doesn’t have to be cruel.  Let us ensure it is not, as far as we may.

This blogsite has now fulfilled its function.  Thank you for enjoying and participating and liking and even loving.  And where looking in askance was the only correct response, thank you too.


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