And the [very very] last post {#yellow (of course!)}

And I guess I couldn’t go without saying a few more words than that.

I’d love to publish the best of this blogsite in a book – a real book; one of those books people treasure and then maybe die for; a book which one day ends up remaindered in some gorgeous secondhand bookshop; and then smelling fine as all good books of rhyme; and then perhaps recovered by someone else who – in the future – also falls in love, just like the me who did here.

If I have managed somehow to square my precious circles, if the people I love can coexist in some kindly way, if messy can be contemplated but cruel can mainly be avoided, then the time and the pain and the joy and the rain will all have been clearly worth it.

I don’t yet know what I will be doing next year, but I have a much better idea where it shall be happening, than exactly thirteen months ago tomorrow.

And I am also far more open to any opportunity: far more open to people and places and kinds of goals, and ways of working – and perhaps even whys.

After a year of struggling, I think this is damn good.  Really good.  Don’t you?

So to finally finish, a coda of four pictures.  Explanation and hopes after the photography.


#green #tea, #yellow #me 

scene this afternoon in #salamanca #spain 

#muchhappiermil #liverpool #dublin #whenever #whatever #however #whyever

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