When family and friends aren’t*

Friends are generally straight with you,

but when they know best 

it’s time to give the friendships in question a rest.

And they may be face to face,

and they may be more tenuous,

and they may promise many things,

and they may bend you out of shape.

But ultimately when they refuse to see you cool,

it’s time to see the stools 

they fall between 

as foolish beyond all measure.

And so over the past year

I will have lost all my family,

and friends will shortly disappear 

as heard and found rebounds around.

But whilst there is still breath in me

I shall never entirely forget my position: 

for I am right to resist;

and that exactly is why I can survive everything you throw at me.

* I have always distrusted institutions and people who decide to shape themselves with exactly the same structures as those they promise to fight.  There is simply no way you can escape eventually becoming as your enemy; and this I see all around me right now.

And this is why today is just so sad for me.  

And this is why everything is changed and nothing will be the same again.

My turn to bite back.

I will hate until it hurts.  And it will hurt yous far more than me.

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