Looking back / As death approaches 

And looking back

Life just jacked you in.

And you never understood

What you did

To deserve the disrespect 

Of a universe, entire:

To deserve the disrespect 

Of everyone.

And no verses you ever did rhyme

Arrived in time.

And no verses 

They will now remember you by 

Shall ever save your life

From disdain.

And when all is gone and said

Your behaviours and theirs 

Will never compare


The loser you have always been

And the loser they’ll see you as

Will forever become both has and is

As well as inevitable was.

And so this question why shall stay 

As a may and a might 

And night you never are able to spend.

And so death approaches.

And so life recedes.

And so all you have been and seen,

And more importantly, 

Been seen to be,

Finally makes you down

As the smallest of creatures 

To be stamped underfoot 

By bureaucratic defining: the cruelty  of 

All history; the duality of

All humanity.

The fro and to

We could have become.

The fro and to

Yous used to destroy me.

The fro and to

Of ancient family.

The fro and to

And to and fro.

The you 

You always did fine for me.

The you

I shall take to my bed

Even though so much will now

Be left unsaid.

The whys.

The wise.

The tries.

And then … so.

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