Giving up / And the old white men have won

Giving up is where I’m going;

And everything changes today.

Giving up and giving in;

And everything changes today.

Living no longer the sin

Of trying to make better 

The lies of the bad;

These people, barely people,

More rank inhumanity,

Who with silver tongues

Do plate and rate

The armour of the rich.

And so yous have all beaten me;

Nothing more to do for sure.

Just that lore my life will

Soon – undoubtedly – acquire: 

Here lies a man,

Mad through and through,

Who just was unable 

To do this thing 

It was that he 

Needed to do, and oh, how he

Needed to do it big;

How very big he should have dug.

How very big they asked him to dig.

To side with big money 

And side with big interest 

And side with clever people:

But for him it wasn’t quite enough,

Yer know;

For him such stuff achieved shit all.

And everything changes utterly today;

And his giving up will be silent and shameful;

But the shame which others will surely feel

When they remember him

Is neither his to sense nor preoccupy any more.

And the battles without

Can now focus on others,

Who see this bloodied rock

In exactly the same terms:

The beauty of true humanity

And the cruelty of old white man.

And everything changes today.

And the old white men have won.

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