And I could do SO much …

If only

I knew a woman,

A woman I could love,

Who would say nice things to me

About the me

I could be.

And by saying these nice things,

I would be minded to say nice things back,

Instead of the stuff I do and rue

And sadly bespoke

For the rhyming and wrote

You see here before you,

And beneath 

And about you,

Now sorely wronged.

And I could do SO much,

Yer know.

And the woman I would love

Would be loved like no other soul.

And my [he]art would be at the service 

Of her [she]art, sassy true.

And everything we did together

Would love and live 

And remain and recreate

The wonderful wait of sexual abandon.

And all my creativity 

Would stay in relativity:

For the life I could show you,

Whoever you may be,

Would be the finest life any woman or man

Could share with the other in profoundest equality.

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