When lips full-kissed ain’t mine / I now would SAY 2 U

Tethered to mediocre attitude 

and easy-opened latitude,

and uncertainty

and urgency

and a desire not to fail,

and no guarantee that sailing 

past a love long-lost

will ever rail

a train of thought half right;

oh, and the cost of that is just 

so wrong.

And I love her wild

and yet never have touched the 

stuff men get riled to

suck and lick and truck and muck

and dirty ride,

and get quite up.

How can I love her each new day,

when lips full-kissed  

ain’t mine to brush, 

nor gently by a mile, nor more,

nor less, nor sensed 

and tested, nor 

neither west?

And then the smiles 

I real remember 

as if today and now 

ring truest beauty

in my may …

… so many things I now would 

say 2 U!

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