The right person / The right people 

You realise the truth about ever-

lasting love:

it does involve sacrifice on occasions.

And it’s neither bad nor good,

in that Foucauldian way:

it just is, and needs to be faced.

For whilst Claire is the woman of my life,

I am not the man she might imagine as her thrive.

And so the situations repeat million-fold I’m sure:

across the globe and rock;

these roles of disagreement sad.

For the question of true love, on one part at least,

is never the real issue at all.

The truth of my love for Claire, as it stands,

is a feeling I know well;

a feeling that cannot be questioned;

a feeling without demand

or command 

in any 


It is made up of a complex network;

of a series of connections:

it started with guilt because of a girlhood I hurt;

and it ended with immense gratitude 

because of her kindness, 

long sought.

But eternal love professed is never

eternal love achieved.

And so this is why it’s never enough 

for the love which joins 

two people together 

to join together in true desire

the two entirely because of 

the one.

In every act of love professed,

there is an another act

of grand uncertainty.

And once that stuff is broached so tough,

and coached into the open,

and couched in the most 

unequivocal terms,

we learn the hard truth

about humanity’s gentlest emotion:

just because I’ll always love you infinitely 

doesn’t mean you’ll ever love me minimally.

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