On the right to be the sad person you’ve always been

You know like introverts are beginning to become bold enough to tell extroverts the latter ain’t the only way?

Am beginning to feel strongly that sad people have the very same right re happy people.  Why are melancholy, depression, and other states so often medicalised these days, actually things we should be turned into patients because of – which is to say, lesser beings in those dreadful hierarchies of supposedly admirable independence and alleged human vigour?

We are all human beings: we have a right to be what we already are.

If the world is sad for me, that’s how it is.  Happy people have absolutely no right to impose a way of being on the person I have always been.

And I have absolutely no obligation to feel I must be happy to be human.

Or sense that when I am not, I am any less human.

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