But now … “THIS DAD CAN”! #thisdadcan

And so, on

so many occasions

and events of tented meeting

and heavy disunited


I wanted to show

I could be the kinda dad

who people,

not just my kids,

might look up to.



But there was no language,

no tongue

which wasn’t a tongue that lashed,

to express exactly

how I might tell yous all my worth.



And so in the public sphere,

the here and there

and wow,

when men meet men,

then we meet as men:

never as the dads we could be.



And it ain’t

because of the days we ain’t.

It ain’t because

we ain’t those dads.

‘Cos dads we’ve had

and dads we might be,

even if dads we just can’t be right now.


So the problem ain’t the state we’re in:

it ain’t

‘cos of what we are

or what we can’t

or what we fucking shouldn’t.


It’s somewhere else,

this place of hell;

a bell that tolls out

the silence of an inhumanity – neither

squared nor

circled but

goddamn encircled:

and it’s like as if

you have your arms

and legs cut off damn mad,

so you walk no longer tall,

nor can hold your

bought and sold –


like the man they brought you up to be.


And you can no longer see a way

out of the

doubt of the

hesitancy of the


for whilst you were mine, dear children,

you respected – even loved! – my line.

And now I am about

to lose


channelled and route-

d, and rout-

ed and out-


in unheavenly times

and spaces

of rhyme,

nothing of me

as dad to yous

will remain as any kinda residue.


Only then

is when

I see something change.

Only then

is when

the wane becomes a wax:

no longer taxing my weary brain

in tainted moments of


d life.



And so something is moving,

and something stirs grandly,

and something makes waves that radio out

on blessed ether:


an either;


a fore:

just a kind group of humans

who want to do more.

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