Digging A Caress / The Digital Citizen

She: The lack of a caress – what does it mean to you?

He: A caress is a sign of kindness.

She: So the lack of a caress?

He: It doesn’t mean a lack of kindness.

She: What does it mean?

He: A lack of a caress.

She: Didn’t you say …?

He: [looks up from his phone]  What did I say?

She: We were talking about kindness.

He: No!  [smiling gently]  You were talking about kindness.  I was looking at my phone.

She: But you replied –

He: [interrupting firmly]  And actually, you were really talking about the silliest of things, now weren’t you?  Who would need a caress?  And why, for goodness sake?

She: I need it.  A caress, and then a fuck.  Soft and kind; hard and fast; I don’t really care.  Just a fuck now and then.

He: Really, my dear.  We’re far too boring for that.

She: Boring you say?  Not even far too old?  Not even an excuse we can share with the neighbours?

He: [posting a comment on Facebook]  Now don’t be sharing … shit … yeah?  Don’t be sharing shit.

She: I’m a Digital Citizen.  I believe in freedom of expression.  Transparency and clarity.  Saying it how it is.

He: [grins briefly]  I can show it how it is, dear Digital Citizen mine.

She: [glances at the naked shower photo of her which he has brought up on his phone’s 5-inch screen]  When did that happen?

He: I have so many!

She: I don’t have any.

He: You’re a Digital Citizen.  You share.  I’m not.  I just share what others share.

She: Do you share my naked photos?

He: [chuckles]  You’ve even got a website dedicated to you.  [expressing mock surprise]  Didn’t you know?  My friends all really dig you.

She: [her turn to chuckle]  Who says “dig”‘ any more?  Now that’s defo your age!

He: [loftily]  I’ll have you know I’m considered to be quite a character.

She: [pauses for a long moment, before deciding her next move]  Oh bugger off, you “quite a character”!  I’m off to find a transparent fuck-buddy …

He: [looks up for a split-second and then, returning to his tapping, speaks almost under his breath]  Yeah, OK dear.  But remember one thing: transparency is for glass houses – and stones do usually break bones.

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