How the powerful use medical opinion to achieve their goals #criminaljustice #crimesofthepowerful #thoughtexperiment*

This post now consists of three sections:

  1. Instruction Manual
  2. The Original Post Itself
  3. A Footnote Made Necessary Due To Whatever!

Instruction Manual

I have been having problems on an iPhone 5S, and running over a public wifi network operated by BT/Starbucks, accessing both the embedded version of the assignment this post describes as well as the clickable link.

The solution seems to be very old school, and takes me back to the early days of the Internet, but if your device can neither click the link nor see the embed, try copying the link and pasting it into a browser bar.  Even under Apple’s hyper-cautious Safari browser, this seems to work.

Let it be clear, however, from the outset that the file is located on and served up by Microsoft’s OneDrive.  I assume no hanky-panky at that end of the process.

Equally, I assume that its location assures the integrity and security of the file without any shadow of a doubt.



The Original Post Itself

This post is because of priyanka47’s question asking for more background to another of my fairly opaque poems.

I know they are opaque: it’s the way I see the world.  I can’t help it in fact.  And I certainly don’t do it to confuse.  If I believe in ambiguity, I believe it accurately describes my universe.  For sure, I don’t aim to use it as a tool to obfuscate.

Although I’m not sure it’s necessarily the place of a writer to provide explanations, I did end up answering priyanka47’s request for more and simpler information in three developing ways, spread over three separate replies.  You can find what I said below:

  1. It’s about seeing life as it really is; but people assuming I cannot see the wonderful side at the same time. I see and sense the potentially truly awful all the time, and yet persistently remain a convinced optimist. But not everyone sees this optimism, and assume I am ill. I am not; just often distressed. There is a huge difference, and this poem, alongside many others I write, reflects this distress. For more background, see Thomas Szasz on the difference between illness and distress. Oh, and thank you so much for commenting! It’s a lovely feeling for a writer to get a clear response … 🙂
  2. Laing & Esterson are also very good on the environmental causes of mental distress: a beautiful book called “Sanity, Madness & the Family” is well worth anybody’s time, especially if you believe in societal rather than individual causes of mental ill-being.
  3. Hi priyanka47: in response to your question for more background, I have decided to post my own assignment from this semester precisely on the subject of how the powerful use received medical opinion to achieve their goals by manipulating the environment. If you are interested, I will embed the assignment so you and anyone else can read and download it. It’s not the best thing I have written and rightly didn’t get a very good mark, but I did pass, and I did manage to get my point across on a subject which is still painfully close to home for me. If you do find the time to read it, I would be happy to take feedback on- or offline. 🙂

So anyhow.  The same goes for anyone who ends up reading the assignment: I have always been happy to take feedback and talk things through.  That not many people have ever come out directly and offered it is a matter I have very little control over, and have often found myself having to labour under the consequences.

I hope those of you who do read the piece will enjoy it and feel rewarded in some way.

Happy learning, if you do … and if not, until the next opaque poem!

Now scroll down …

A Footnote Made Necessary Due To Whatever!

* For those of you who might not be able to access the embedded version of the file (it appears some browsers and the WordPress app itself, on my iPhone at least, doesn’t), I have added a link which will hopefully allow you to click through to the assignment via most compliant browsers out there, even if you are watching the virtual world via the mobile web and public wifi with possible restrictions on content (for example, the iFrame technology which Microsoft’s OneDrive facilitates).!AiAEnn2149KBgcQ5fX6ZXdeib6AsWQ

If you are having problems opening the link by just clicking, refer to the Instruction Manual at the top of this post.  The advice therein contained worked for me, even if it does make me feel like an Internet pterodactyl, flapping his wings rather baldly and bewildered!

If this or analogous procedures don’t work for you either, and you are unable to see the text even this way, do get in touch with me and I will email it to you as soon as I am able.


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