On Claire, women and the exerting of REAL power

I am reading in the Waterstones Cafe in Liverpool One just this minute.*

So the stanza in the photo at the top of this post is from a beautiful Johnny Cash poem called “Don’t Take Your Gun To Town”.

And it describes the real power to do good which women consistently have, and the real propensity men like myself exhibit to never be as good as they should. 

And so then I am reminded of what Claire has gone and done for me this year; and I shall always remember and I shall never forget … 

* The poem I have posted about above is part of a collection called “Forever Words”: gorgeous gorgeous unknown words by the Man in Black, writing in black and white.  

This collection was a recent birthday present from my middle son.  He now knows me better than anyone I think.  I hope one day this will be OK.

Meanwhile, just a few minutes ago, I bought myself another wonderful poetry collection: “Poems that make Grown Women Cry: 100 women on the words that move them” is the beautiful beautiful title the editors have chosen to regale us with.  

And it promises just as much.  

And it promises more than that.

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