Armed Forces Day 2017: “The soul at the heart of #Liverpool”

​​Here’s another video I made with cost-effective tools.  And below a poem on what I felt the day of its shooting.  I hope you get something from both.

It was a day of learning and 

persistent discovery 

for me.

I learnt I was better

than all that stuff before,

but not yet as happy as I thought.

And I always bought 

the idea that violence

led to violent more,

and sore reaction to grounds

of moral height.

But what I sensed,

against all prior prejudice,

was how people 

are people

are people 

are people.

And these machines 

and woman

and men

and children too,

and memories,

and then veterans with battles

still scarring their eyes,

all wandering so kindly 

and yours

and we 

and us

and them;

and so gently

and together 

and so awful still apart.

And above all, 

and beyond all other bad sad,

and remembrance past

and last

and long ago,

there is about 

and so around 

the soul of Liverpool:

this soul which sits





and why and what.

So remember this

and remember that,

and never forget …

… and never forgotten.

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