On becoming an Emotional THINKER (an ET, in fact!)

Recently, I have been experimenting with the Facebook quick-mo app Hyperlapse.  I’ve also been using Google’s photo-editing Snapseed for quite a while now.  Then I stumbled across a GoPro program the other day – which pulls together photos, sound, narration, music, text and videos to make beautifully professional-looking HD videos in minutes rather than hours – and which is, trust me, absolutely fabulous.  It’s called Slice.  All the above on an iPhone 5S.

No costly production schedules.  No expensive editing-suites.  No cumbersome cameras.  Just software, really; just the long arm and continuing reach of an incessantly constitution-fabricating and modifying Silicon Valley, persistently burrowing its way into our bewildered lives.

Yesterday, whilst I was in Pret for a couple of hours in the morning, I did this kinda promo video about “The New Observatory” at FACT Liverpool.  Let me hurriedly add it’s not for them, not at all official, not commissioned in the least; more a video-blogpost for the moment; then again, maybe, just maybe, in its technological strategies beginning to edge us in the direction of where a properly understood documentary criminology could look to eventually take us.  Using impressions, feelings, shapes, colours, text, patterns, juxtapositions to deliver reality and thought, not just re-present them.

You can find the video in question at the bottom of this post.

It’s astonishing what a little previous-generation smartphone, a £100 Nikon camera, and a £30 wifi SD card can be coaxed into doing, isn’t it?

And I have to add that a year ago, before the MA in Criminal Justice at Liverpool John Moores University which shortly I will be completing, I would not have been capable of such things.  Where I am now, and where I would like to go, are – much more even than then – two completely different places.  Academic delivery deserves emotions, and emotions need academia in its totality.

I won’t now ever become an academic in a real university, but I fully intend to be an Emotional THINKER in private industry somewhere.  I am far too impatient, I realise, of course, for the slow and considered process of careful, respectful, and gentle innovation that most academics quite rightly prefer, measure, treasure, cherish and defend.  But where I think one day I may be able to add real value is in taking the little of academia that has stuck to my brain this year and ushering it into the rough-and-tumble swirling change-environments of the techie world out there: a world which clearly impacts us this heavily – both now and (to borrow from a thought I heard Cory Doctorow voice recently) for the unforeseeable future too.

And in so doing, to add to that fabulous blast of 21st century ideas-making some thought, perspective, dignity, and love for a wider humanity we all deserve to remain.


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