it’s a beautiful word and 

it’s sometimes all it takes and

it’s sometimes all you need 

to make and remake

and renew and anew 


so if it’s in your power 

to listen to my plea,

to pay attention to my pleas,

to hear the please i send your way,

accept my sincerest apologies 

for sorrowfully getting you wrong,

for assuming you were there to love

me mad

when, in truth, 

you were there to right this wrong.

and not only that:

to offer me a way

to make up for time lost

to misunderstanding;

an incomprehension of 


bewildering thought.

for a beautiful mind is 


not because 

the beauty it thinks

is the only thing it thinks:

a beautiful mind, in fact, is 

so beautiful precisely because

it chooses to think 


damn thing 

a man can ever wonder.

and in wandering down roads 

which hurt you so bad

all i now can repeat is the sad

this does make me.

and for this reason i now stand

hand in hand with the below:

the exact and concrete 

desire i now express 

to work with you 


as good friend and companion 

in data 

and art

and the culture of true love,

and the beautiful minds

that fearlessly tread 

on angelic path.

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