“The New Observatory” #factliverpool

Got a lovely day ahead of me at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology): a launch of any exhibition is really special here, but this is a particularly appropriate exhibition for me to be blogging on.  It’s called “The New Observatory”.

Co-curator Sam Skinner – working alongside his colleague in crime Hannah Redler Hawes – gives a lovely taster of the show at bido lito! here.  You can find more details of the exhibition from the FACT website here.

Essentially, it’s all about how everyone – corporations, organisations, people and so forth – measures and tracks everyone else.  The very subject of my dissertation, in fact.  This is so goddamn felicitous.  It’s moments like these of grand intellectual synchronicity when I feel there is a real point to existence, to life, to the universe and humanity.

Not channels or gutters where we must strive to see the stars, but beautiful beautiful parallel lines which criss-cross with increasing intensity and poise …



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