[Renew] All, Boldly

Over the year I have 

spent and rent 

and wrote and broke,

and willed and spilled 

like milk unbound.

And in and out and

sound and round,

the square I once was 

now is

free from found.

Whilst lost I was – 

and this unable to see 

the me I could easily 

have become years 

ago – now 

all I do feel

is the rest of my life

will belong to myself 

and the woman 

who accepts me – one

marvellous day – to be 

my fabulous strife

in all bewilder and 


in dusted 

and sent and spent

anew, and the love

renewed of 

everyone who knows.

And whilst academia 

may still bless me fine,

and something quite 

measurable might 

fully come 

of this maddening year,

this year of to and fro,

even yet and

even let and

even bets as 

odd as you’ve all 

had with me

will never succeed 

in changing

my mind: my

be is set on …


All tree of you, I mean …

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