A shared humanity …*

Am crying gently in Liverpool One; almost sobbing.  My beautiful clever powerful daughter** has been doing Level 3 Foundation Art & Media all year.  She found out yesterday she had got a distinction.  But not only that: the distinction awarded is for the next level up – Level 4!  Her 12-minute video makes everyone cry, even teachers who had never understood her, and now say they do.

All three of my children have been terribly misunderstood in their lives, but have never given up on what they believed in, and what they were.

And although similarly my wife and I have never been understood by the world, nor have ever managed to productively understand each other, we have finally proven ourselves capable of providing the right frame and environment for our own children’s empowering.

Where the world has seen us as bad, as unworthy of success, as fairly incompetent and generally menial, our children are prepared – and will be able to fight! – to define themselves in their own terms: and what’s more, will achieve their goals on the basis of a shared humanity and good.

The critical framework they have all developed will not only hold them in grand stead in the future: it will hold the future of us all, of the rock on which we all stand, in the most fabulous stead you could possibly imagine.

They and their generation truly will become our salvation.

* To my family, with real love and unending appreciation.

** Credit where credit truly is due: the beautiful photo at the top of this post is taken by my wife, and I think it is clear how well the two of them – daughter and mother – get on with each other.  The picture exudes a gentle, loving complicity, and real love.  I am happy for the both of them.  Their relationship is so sound, so beautiful and so grand!  And in part it has been the foundation of all the success.

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