The whirled we ALL deserve

My life has been dogged, 

it is true; but it

doesn’t have to be like


We can tip our hats

to each other,

women and men both,

and pridefully agree

to accept no outright victory:

just the honour amongst

those who have risen

above the crowd

and – though never quite

loud enough to be 


of being heard – even so

then having found 

the lows were never that

low as you thought, 

nor the highs 

as grand as the bafflingly bestowed.

So if you are now of a mind 

to recognise amongst

gladiators a battle well fought,

not a nought to either side

but a wider recognition,

perhaps it is time that instead 

of perpetually 

teaching each other lessons

we decided to pool

the resources of school

in a far grander thing

than the shiny

bling to date.

And if you are of a mind,

do seize the moment

and do strike the grindstone,

so that sparks do emerge 

from the herd

that is commonplace,

and in some way or other 


we can build 

the whirled we all deserve:

the whirled 


meant to serve …

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