The Common Start

Patients, when othered as the medical profession chooses,

Lose their right to an integrity and whole;

And in the space and place of a humanity as true as yours or mine

We drill a woeful beholding in a cruel replica of rhyme,

And sit back as happy as boys of sand in the terrifying 

Dunes of historicity: a paucity, in fact, of dishonest prime;

A landing on runways that grace no beauty fine.

* Othering: the act of putting a label on someone in order to lessen what their humanity shares with the rest of us.

Also used to control people’s emotions about and opinions on important subjects such as immigration, refugees, the poor, those with physical and mental support needs, and leaders who believe they are essential to the proper functioning of the planet.

Synonyms: psychiatry, psychology, history, current-affairs reporting, most existing examples of journalism, most column-writing, some kinds of academia, state and private secondary education, reality TV.

Oh, and childishness.

Antonyms: art, culture, music, photography, painting, poetry, creative writing, some kinds of film, some kinds of academia, pre-school and some primary education, experimental video.  

Oh, and childlikeness.

So imagine, if you will, a world where a doctor 

Has no patients; a kinder world, instead, where a person 

Stands in all their glory, and is diminished by no 

Professional shorthand; where a lawyer makes us step 

Hand in hand, in grand guarantee of evidence supporting; where a 

Teacher opens minds that thirst, instead of a prejudice that rusts; where a

Politician sees the right so clear, and rues no nights of sleep lost bad to conscience sadly cold: 

A conscience ripped from soul and heart that, all like autumn, leaves behind the common start.

Imagine, if you will, no labels at all: just the people we are; 

Just the love we all do feel and sense and hold and hug,

And snug our nests with, and our bests and bolds: the gold of thrive and goddamn life.

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