“But it’s easy for you …” / “… to ENJOY!”

The mantra is hurtful: 

It contains reproach and requirement in one.

You are good at almost everything, 

And so nobody else can fail to demand 

Your help at any time.

And so anytime they need you,

You have no right to ask for peace.

For your ingenuity means,

Whilst they are similarly adept,

They are never quite as good as you.

And so, finally, souls and hearts of love out there,

I am condemned to a life of only stare and watch.

For whenever I attempt to drive my life in clear direction,

There yous are to steer me elsewhere.

Yet time it’s been and time it’s long, and now this song 

It’s time I sang:

My life is mine, no longer yours.

My life is mine,

To enjoy!

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