Seize the moment, PLEASE … for LIFE IS IT!

Size [up] the moment and then seize it!

PLEASE [the people you love the most] and only

then [for]get the bastards

who never cared any

way, nor weasel 


The hurtful deserve none of your time any more; no longer your beautiful rhymes,

for they are the sods who clump this earth 

full of the anger and rancour 

of so many sore

dids and undids;

and these unkindnesses of [envio

us] them.

And so my life is bettered by having known you this long: 

and even if your intention was quite another,

quite clearly it made me the man I now become.



Seize the moment,

and love until you can’t;

and live until you shan’t;

and smile until you won’t.


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