Where I SHALL end my days … from #Liverpool to #Dublin

Am so happy today to be 55 and to want to be 55.  And so I have lots of challenges ahead over the next few months and year, but whilst I won’t be able to continue in what I perceive to be a far more cutthroat world than I ever anticipated it was going to be, my nine months of academia at a first-class university such as LJMU clearly is, and in a department as positively and progressively radical as Criminal Justice, has changed my person for the better: it has, you see, given me the cojones I never quite acquired before this time; the cojones I never quite valued as I should’ve done.

And so with these cojones I decide not to follow an easy path but – instead – the right one for me.  I love Liverpool so very much, but I shall do everything I can to be in Dublin permanently by December 2018 at the latest. 

At my age you wonder where you might best die, and in Dublin that is where I would happily end my days.  The people, the books, the words, the street musicians, the wealth and the citizens who look out for the poor; the parks, and the trees, and the leaves, and the Guinness, and the breakfasts, and the goddamn historical complexities … and the sunshine and the rain and the pain and the joy … and what I learnt about myself in the past year, and what I wrote about myself because of Dublin and its streets, and its beautiful beautiful beloved and belived, and its windows and doors, and this and that, and then much much more, and finally knowing all the score …

So now do you understand why my future must head this way?  Now do you understand why it cannot be any other say?

I love Liverpool as I have never loved a city before; but I want Dublin to be finally mine, because Dublin’s where I discovered the real meaning of life. 

So here’s to a long goodbye, a brief farewell – and a grand grand grand hello …

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