What #journalists would EVER be so foolish?

Theresa May’s desire to weaken Internet security has led me to one of my conspiratorially flavoured theories, and one I find easy to sustain even now.

This time round it’s on the subject of the sometimes supremely unsympathetic ride May got on very pointed occasions during GE2017, even from friendly media outlets: so apart from an eagerly covert misogyny which was nevertheless clearly evident, and also that she was objectively a rubbish performer, her plans to weaken Internet privacy would really not have gone down well with any media outlet which operates primarily with web tools. 

Think about it: how could an investigative newspaper like the Guardian reach sensitive sources in the UK which understood the communications they would be having were never going to be secure?  Never mind the Independent, which now is an online paper only …

So straw poll, journies! Hands up who would ever be able – in all conscience – to provide positive media coverage for a political party aiming to rid the cyberspace of the very tools which allowed writers of all kinds the means to feed themselves and their dearest, and get more or less to the end of the month?

There’s a piece of serious analysis and research to be done here, methinks.  

The itch begins to scratch again!

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