#bloomsday2017 #birthdayboy #superhappymil #nextyearindublinforgood

It’s my birthday today –

And no, not 1904;

And though I wish it were true

I rue nothing that has happened to me.

And I have loved and lost and loved and lost,

And loved, lost, loved and lost;

And I have learnt to my cost 

The violence of awful jealousy,

And the impatience of those – 

Exactly like myself – 

Who see time in so many 

Othered dimensionalities,

Where corporalities are beyond our keeping 

And the humbling nature of meeking our ambitions

Makes us sad and dreadful melancholic all told.

And the alcoholic instinct, resident like creature bold,

Sitting in basement dark,

Ready to spring forth,

And thrice and twice, and then once


Reminds me that my obsession to truly love 

In this whirled of such grand

Has left me with only one person in mind; 

And though clearly for her it is so terribly trying,

I never shall dare to forget my dearest Claire.

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