The youth as ALL our futures … #ge2017 #votelabour #votecorbyn #voteliverpool 

This is a really really happy morning for me. 

My two youngest, newly British, voting for Labour, Corbyn, and intelligent political discourse: and at the same time, from my formerly apolitical son’s mouth, I hear the assertion that he could see himself be a grand politician one day in the future! 

Doing the Script Writing MA at Goldsmiths, he says: ” You gotta be able to tell a story …”  Corbyn told that story for the youth of our country; and in so doing, he gave them the levers of all our futures.

I never thought I would see the day.

My job as father is done.

My children are now engaged and voting citizens.

And – one day – they will beat neoliberalism back to its goddamn cave …

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