… how I learned to live without a single yes …

… and I learned to live without a single yes

because, precisely because, I am a creative soul …

… and the heart of my being was unable to see

how he could

survive in a whirled of persistent negative …

… and so instead of dying

from all the no which my wife

always has presented 

on any matter,

and that’s any matter at all – whether the call

you have to make

is to go and bring a take-away,

here or there

or there or here, or mebbe my dear that’s finally


I learned quite well to quell my desire

and quench my thirst for the blushing, almost

sexual management of yes …

… and so now you see before yous, as evidence

of this fact,

the fact that I am able to continue this making,

and breaking and staking and saying

and writing, and wronging

and being and soothing, and doing absolutely

everything without the approbation

of any other soul …

… for I have been hurt so very hard

and for so very long

and this ever so powerfully, 

that all I see left me –

right now and all along –

is the pride of a job proper and well done:

the sum of my hearts and souls

now way greater than the parts

my cruellest of strife

has very striven to make of me …

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