It’s hard when people hurt you …

It’s hard, when people hurt you, not to want to hurt back.

The option of hurting them doesn’t exist: it ain’t your [uni-

verse] at all; never was, never can be now:

and how

So the only two alternatives run as follows: 

  1. Swallow your sense of injustice and let the fuckers win.
  2. Swallow you instinct for survival and – then little by little – go and choose to do yourself in.

But is that the only thing we can think to do and bling?

Isn’t there any other way to maintain our dignity?

Is there nothing else yous can do or see for us these days?

Does true negotiation never exist on this weary little rock?

Could we not find some other – better! – path towards, 

[sound]ly winding and tightly around, 

this mentally sick



ice] …?

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