“Arándano de Palos”

And [t]heir ahh (this fishily) such plaices and thymes we re-

mined our 

selvas of; and when you chop would[s] of [t]here saps,

you dye of faces palos, and proper stuck too.

And if the above is all confused, and [t]his is the truth, let me tell you now 

how much I begin to love you.

And if you are blown, as con-

fused by lies lite as I ever woz, just think on this thawt: a thawt of unfreezing; a thawt of absolute sexual pleas-


And so when I am close to you, it’s like nothing hurts at all; all the pane just disappears in the windows of 


eyes, and your yous –

and these me and rightly be.

You see, I always loved arándanos: as blew as could 


Now I’ll love you, too.

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