On learning how to become the people we once were …

Had a really lovely day at my friend’s housewarming BBQ yesterday afternoon and evening.  The evening wasn’t lovely at all for many later on in London.  Terrorism truly has no place in Britain. 

I strongly feel we need to recover and reshape the values of collaboration, compassion, dignity and respect that once characterised so many of the little things we used to do.  A small step and kindness in one’s daily life may make a huge difference to the timelines of other people’s lives.  That dispossessed person you walk past on the street was once, for sure, a person like you.  And by simply walking past and doing nothing to help, you too are no longer the person you once could have been.

To paraphrase an idea I think I first read via Brad Evans, let’s learn how to identify fascism wherever it sits, and fight it on all fronts.  For there’s a real job ahead; and this job reverts us to the Cold War’s hugely distrustful times, where not only at geopolitical levels but also in our micro-experienced lives the degrading of our instinctive humanities becomes an almost structured norm: the law no longer of the fittest but the cruellest. 

Ultimately, we need to understand the ambition our humanity requires of us: it is not enough to ask people to resiliently survive; it is not even enough to feel one day you might live; the goal of all leaders of the good everywhere – and I mean you and me as well as those who stand on stages – should be to describe, engender, sustain and spread sufficient hope in the future – sufficient aspirational focus; sufficient social consciousness – to reach a point of real societal enlightenment alongside the ambition I already have mentioned, where we don’t aim to just survive; we don’t aim to just live; instead, we desire for every soul on this rock the chance to truly thrive in community and self.

And only then will our intrinsic humanity, that which our mothers have always given birth to, have a chance to rise above the appalling events our TV and smartphone screens bring us daily.

Only then will we want to meet – and be – the species we need to learn how to become again.

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