A healing kiss …

A kiss is a precious wish and a renewal and a soul-making whole; it can promise and deliver as it makes any body quiver.

It’s a sought and maybe a not ought, but never bought when true, nor when it comes direct from you.

And the truth of such a reaching-out, of the mouth that snatches these treasurable freedoms with the liberties of healthy request, and offering and proffering and such fine suggest, no submission nor imposition clouding the sky of your beautiful eyes and your forthright words, and of this unashamed being and the sincerest of seeings, reforms quite radically my love of life from day to night; from distance to proximity; from the warmth of your sight to the sight of your warmth.

And I cannot thank you more for just speaking to me and touching gentle: for wanting me, even where sorely unmade; for accepting me so unconditioningly.

In your presences multiple I felt freed of uncertainty, those moments you began to speak to me, as you let me just go and be – or maybe that’s stay and be – the me I know I’ve always loved.  And so dearest brightest precious soul of fabulous sincerity, from all the glorious honesty you showed me last night, little do I know how such a goddamn cracking prize has come to fall at the unprepossessing side that is my mind and doing, and being and rhymed and sung.

To simply bathe in your words and your fuckings and your sounds, and all your expletives never deleted, never deletable in all their profundity, and your strengths and your thoughts and your memories and your wroughts – this is all it has taken to so briefly recreate in me the value of kindness and friendship and listening, and the goodness that good people can make of this whirled.

And one day I shall tell you how it affected me, how exactly it was for me this evening of grand enlightening, when I first met and perceived you: this person you are, of quite the grandest integrity; this person you are who sees everything.

For it is then that I realised this was the path I also need: the only path left to me; the path of real liberty.

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