#HoFan [at the #MuseumOfLiverpool, yesterday …]

I tell you what, yesterday I went to the fairly recently reopened Museum of Liverpool, which I love if only for the opportunity to sense what it must be like to explore the Guggenheim New York, with its beautiful staircase structure and all; and anyways, on the top floor I stumbled across the most amazing exhibition of photography I have seen in a long while …

And one photographer in particular stands out with the most poignant combining of light, urban criss-cross and humanity you ever did see: someone called Ho Fan, of whom at first glance I became a total and unconditional fan.  It’s better than falling in love when you come across art like this.  It really is.

And the best photo for me is a vertical one with a woman standing and leant back against a wall, in the bottom left-hand corner, and a diagonal shadow cutting across from top-right to the woman’s shoes.  It’s absolutely astonishing how so much can be evoked with so very little.  This man really was a genius; and I love to be in the presence of such genius; and when I am I need nothing else in my life.

You can currently find out more by clicking through here to the Museum of Liverpool’s website.

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