(Don’t [y]{earn your peace of mind …})

I’ve realised something really important over the past 24 hours.

People only have the importance you choose to place on them: and a disorbited (Spanish, but suits here …) sense of importance produces disorbited reactions in the man who does the placing.

So the solution isn’t to find what – or who – you yearn for: the solution is to yearn for something – or someone – else.  Or even remove the word and terminology “yearning” from your lifestyle.

As I advised someone at a party in Dublin a couple of weeks back, we must always find the environment first; never look for the role before assessing the circumstances.  There is no solution to the right roles in the wrong environments.  The right environments, meanwhile, always throw up the right roles.

And as with work, so with relationships and people.

Don’t yearn your peace of mind; your hugs and embraces.

Just earn your peace of mind – in itself, it’s quite enough.

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