And so then you are reminded …

And there are people you’re never going to revisit ever;

And if C is really K, and K is really there, 

The emptiness inside you now does remind you there’s nothing here.

A woman who imposed her will to such melodramatic extent

Is not the unflappable possessor of wisdoms and love you hunt.

She attracted you once; and attracted you twice; and

Led you to lose over a decade of your life; 

But now all that’s left is how you are reminded – full tell! – 

That you are well and recovered and sane and right

Precisely because now you never will see her again;

Nor yearn to be in sight.  And there is nothing as easy 

To take this decision as this decision is easy to take: 

For you actually feel you have escaped the clutches cruel

Of a woman who hurt you and beat you mentally outright, and abused

Of all the kindliness you showed and did freely offer.  

Where there’s T and K working together is a place you will 

Never return: and if these two people work in cahoots 

With C and R, then none of the four need darken your door.

And if it’s true, do let me know: swiftly and roughly 

And toughly and hard.  For people who are capable of so much pain

Are better never revisited – nor beloved nor belived nor bethrived

Again …

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