Elementary, dear C …*

* It just has to be C.  K told me quite forthrightly to piss off.  And if it was a fake K, it wasn’t K anyway.  So either way, it has to be C.

I have sometimes felt like that episode of “Star Trek: The Original Series” (it was just “Star Trek” when I watched it …), where the mad robot’s brain explodes with a circular argument that I think Spock sets it.  Only I’m not a robot, and I’m not mad, and this argument is no longer circular.  🙂


Yeah, I know.  It may sound like the ramblings of the insane, but Michel Foucault had a damn good observation about this in his “History of Madness” (Kindle Edition):


“After defusing its violence, the Renaissance had liberated the voice of Madness.  The age of reason, in a strange takeover, was then to reduce it to silence.”


For madness is a social construct, and if the Holy Fool and the Village Eccentric – centuries apart – once had their rightful places in society, why must the 21st century be any different?


I tell you, I would love to do a PhD – not on the subject of my MA dissertation as one might be expected to choose, but more fiercely and rightfully on the subject of my own auto-ethnography.


Listen up!  If I am mad, and yet can function in society, even in a society which medicalises at the drop of a tablet strip, and then drive a car, and then fly in planes, and then enable environments so my eldest goes to uni to study Mandarin, and my middle offspring gets an MA to study scriptwriting without ever having done a BA, and my youngest gets an unconditional offer to study Film Studies at Kent, and is achieving a distinction in Art & Media having only started drawing barely four years ago – without training of any kind before – my madness cannot be a madness without utility of some kind.


Something in there has been immensely helpful – for them at least if no one else.  Their achievements, of course, are clearly theirs.  I claim nothing more than the role of enabler.  But when you call me mad, and implicitly suggest I am incapable of certain things, ask yourself if I would have been capable of achieving with young people like my offspring the kind of things I have had a hand in – without the advantages my madness has brought me!




Alternatively, dear State, why not simply stop calling it madness?


(Have to say, am happier today than have been in a while.  And I will nail this dissertation, with whatever it takes.)


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