“Good peeps …”

“When you snatch glances of the good in peeps, you peep and peer into crevices of human thought, and that’s when you realise there are some really special souls who always say it as it is, whatever the consequences this produces in their selves, and it is these individuals we should – as a society – treasure above all, and above all others, and sense wonder at their brains, and feel awe at their ways of falling, and then of stubbornly picking themselves up again as if life were a train to boldly board and leave and board once more, and so when I find myself in their presence I cannot but run with the glorious idea that without my having known them my life would have been poorer and sadder and wearier and weaker, and – in deed – I find this so very glorious because in truth the reverse happened, and because it happened – in truth – contrarily I am become the richest man in the land …”

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