#Doctorow at #waterstonesliverpool #walkaway 

You know the man

In a way, you say,

From the days goddamn wise and wine, and simultaneously 

Painful of brave new 

Digital virtual 


And the took and suck that community dynamics of resistible


Ripped long and out 

Of your being and seeing, and

Ultimately your sanity.

And being down and out is something you knew then:

And tocando fondo was something you did.

And so the Big D’s ability to string together reality

Delights and entrances (more as a vector, though clearly enchantment also!)

The very internal workings of your soul.

And although you are older and hardly all that much bolder 

You enjoy every minute on front row.

The capacity Big D has to connect without fissure

The fuss of modern life and thrive, 

The grandeur of the material alongside the essential 


Makes you feel there is future in everything he says –

Whether predictable or only contestable,

The battle is worth enjoining.

So don’t walkaway, dear sons and daughter of mine:

The future is yours for the making;

And you shall make it 


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