The environme[a]nt, NOT to be divined …

There is no point in asking questions, nor 

chasing, nor trading 

information of an environment which aims to 

deliberately confuse:

which indeed has all the tools it needs:

reusing as it does 

the goodwill of the observer to 

nefarious ends – which always will start the confusion again.

For in this malleable world 

of digital kill,

no longer can it be worthwhile to attempt

to nail the truth; the only nailing 

that seems to take place

is that of the good to the angers and cross[es] of the bad.

So don’t instruct me fiercely – as you’ve been doing

all this time –

to ask all those questions that supposedly bring us all 

the advantages each of us deserves:

for I have been fucked,

over and over again, by the parents who destroyed my 

kindly childlike

soul in their blasphemous aim 

to curry the bitter favours of a parenthood


And they and you have taught me fine: there is no reason 

to be rhymed in your wit; your fabulous ability

to shape a reality to 

mean absolutely exactly

the form and shape you need [of me].

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