We CAN be the oncoming train …

Had the loveliest of nights in, at my lovely AirBnB; and with so many interesting people.  It’s nice to be with interesting people; watchful people, too.  And each time I explain my hypotheses, both theory and life practice, I become more and more certain of myself.  Over the last decades, state and family abused me, and that’s not right.  No one should be obliged to suffer the indignity of having mental health legislation used to shut them up, especially when a criminal justice approach would have given them due process and tools – a public platform apart from anything else – to clear cobwebs away.

Thanks so much to everyone I spoke to last night, and in particular to my fabulous AirBnB hosts, Sorcha and Marcos, and my new Facebook friends, Argia and Simone.  It’s been the grandest of evenings, and Dublin is as kind to me these days as Liverpool always will be.

Without Liverpool, LJMU, Criminal Justice and Mike and Emma, I would not be able to feel these things with such certainty.  You see, academia is evidence for sure; but it is also emotion, hunch, intuition, rational thinking – and in the end, inevitably, imposingly, impertinently the truth …

And we need to remember all these things as we proceed with resilience to the ultimate resistance post-truth demands of us. 

Give in sometimes, codify your discourse if you must – but never, never give up.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

And we can be the oncoming train.

If we so choose.

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