I have 

realised that in 

order to 

chase my dreams, 

I don’t 

need to chase anyone. 

Chase isn’t the key of life that 

rings my changes. 

Sharing and thought, and being and no ought … 

and so everything else has been 

conditionality abused. 


Whirleds out there, now mine

There are whirleds out there,

Now mine;

Wine to be drunk

With people who know my rhymes 

And never need to test me

To hurt me more

Nor stretch me;

Nor ever attempt to 

Do me so small 

But, instead, choose to make me 

Feel as tall as the 

Tallest man on this rock.

And where a person ignores me

And hurts me by default,

And makes me think the bad stuff

Around and about is the 

Untaught of my soul,

And the unsought of my bold,

Then time it is not to say goodbye

Because goodbye in a vacuum

Is damn hard to say, 

But rather say hello 

To a whole new whirled out there:

The whirled I have discovered 

Is no longer one of see.


I love being

With big grey cells:

They meld 

My heart and

Soul in a bold business

Of unpredictable 


That remove me from

My ever so staid past

And renew my future last.

I love all the women

And men

Who are making

The taking of ideas

Such a wonderful treasure.

But most of all

I love the way

You’ve measured 



And the needs 

That were once hidden.

The big grey cells 

Of friendship 

And genius 

Have made my life

The thrive 

I never had.

Thank you dear 

Women and 

Men; and then

Thank you

Once again.