Times when …

There were times when I believed

But now – I see – ‘cos in truth

I was supposed to.

And nothing that happened 

Was done for my happiness:

It was done – instead – 

To teach me fine lesson.

And so the lesson has been taught 

And you have made a free man

Out of the ought and bought and


And the would quite bad

And sadly read.

And I am now so free

That I feel 

Quite certain-


That to live with other close

Means such a sacrifice this strong 

I no longer miss its presence, 

Nor long to believe 

What – in other 

Time – was used

I guess you’d fairly claim

To release me

From my future grave.


The beauty of self-sufficiency is sufficiently; is adverbially.

When you’ve shrugged off the baggagely that

Is the tawdry and tasteless and disgraceful remainingly 

Of the dastardly grouply of cruel and horrendously siblings

And parently who only ever saw in you your place

No trace of the person you really deserved to be, and 

Who did much much more than demandly so cruel – but even so, 

As a startly, it was enough – the tool of peerful acquiescence, 

That abdication of self and soul …; and when 

You’ve shrugged that off, then you are truly free

Of these sisters and brothers and blackmailingly mother 

And passively-aggressively father, and wife who did such a lot 

To stop and to hurt you and to woe you quite mad, 

Even as love you was seen by that worldly around her 

To surround her and ground all her acts as real fact.

And in fact this is it: neither, now, do you even want 

The yellowly life you once – boldly, madly, foolishly –

Pursued: because it’s ended, your desire, for desire 

And its weight: too long and too late have the games of rank others 

Played on your dear heart, played on your art, 

Played on your fabulous are and done, 

Played on the song you now have become.

It’s time to tell swearingly the bastardly to piss off.

And so that’s what I’m doing here: this is my final 

Tough position: the roughness of truth – 

Like tongue against tongue in quite savage embrace.