Why it’s been worth it #resistance #resilience #freedomofthought #c

A person who has recently become dear and precious to me has just asked on Facebook: “Why children?” 

The question is well put.  We do generally bring them up to accept and suffer under an indentured servitude.  That is what society’s norms are for.  You only have to read Foucault to know and comprehend that: suddenly, heavily, stomach-punchingly. 

There can, however, be one way around it.  It requires resilience to start with, but eventually must come the day of resistance.  That day came, for me, around 2005-2006.

And so it is that I have spent the latter part of my life encouraging my children to buck servitude.  It’s possible though not easy.  

And in order to have the power to do so – to release and liberate others – you have to give up on your own release and liberation.  But when it produces results, beautiful results, it slowly, gradually, inevitably, inexorably becomes so worth it … 

And so this year that “what has happened” became clear to me.  And to the small story that is my family.

And so it can be done.

Resilience first.

But always resistance, ultimately.



Resistance is the key.

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