“… and I never want to meet this person again, and it’s all down to yous …” #ljmu #FACT

I’m really going to miss so many people when my MA finally ends. But there’s one person in particular I shall never care to see again.  This person knows who they are.  This person is the me I once was: the me before that struggled to become for ever so long the person he really was.

And if now we can begin to sense that this person is starting to appear, then it is entirely due to the environment yous all have gifted me over the past almost nine months.  

Ellie for showing me the importance of intelligence, kindness and patience … Sheena-Marie for giving me the balls to stand up for myself … Noel for being so much more than he ever lets on … Emma for teaching me the fabulous difference between theory and method, and for being the best counsel of thought a man could ever wish for … Helena for giving me the tools and confidence I needed … Lol for being a rock of sensibility and knowledge … Ruth because without her this never would have happened … Claire even more so, and I still don’t know why … Jane, and lately Ayria … Kirsty in gentle ways … Gary for allowing me to fall in love with the UN … Tony and Tetiana, and Candice too, for looking after my poetry … Leah for speaking truth to privilege (and I mean to myself, first and foremost), and then for just being exactly who she is … Mike for doing so well the weird stuff I weirdly needed … Mark for being somewhere there … Emily, Joan, and Susie for being humanely brilliant … and there’s Jay & Co for sometimes terrifying me … 

And so the list could go on, and this isn’t an Oscars’ ceremony, so here I’ll stop.   And if I haven’t mentioned you, it’s because only and if it ever is an awards’ thingy will I dare to speak beyond my allotted rhyme. 

Thanks to you all for changing me.

Better, that should be: “Thanks for liberating me.”