Respect[ful love] … no way?

It’s so hard when unrequited 

You love someone 

No lightly way: and find yourself 


Each day and night and time

And second

And minute 

And tiny ought 

And tiny would

And then the should 

Or should not 

At all,

As if 

Then you’re 

Squatting in another’s 

Life and in another’s 

Rhymes: how weird!

For just because I have set

On you,

There is no right

If respectful be

For me to interrupt 

As if angel from above

Your flight from 

Birth to


And finally the question

Asked is

Masked by felony 




And stoked displays 

Of this thing 

We call passion: 

As if madness here 

Gives us the right

To write such words

As these.

And the teasing slide 

From good to sad,

And then the move

As sad 

Becomes bad,

Reminds me in the end

That love itself

Is anything but respectful.