Tipping point / Slipping point

And I did so want it to B

And I did so want it to C

And I did so want it true

And I did so want it you

And the point at which I have tipped away

Was only reached today,

As I realised I no longer am

A sacrificial man.

In the absence of any expression 

On your part 

Of soul and love and life and heart

And where 

Every attempt I’ve made

To contact you true

Has met with your insolent daze

Of electronic 

Shut me out –

And add me guilt 

And burden on shoulders 

Already so weighty 

With the baggage 

Of a wifetime –

That sight time has now become

The last thing I yearn.

For the only thing now 

Which could turn this on its head

And make me want you

All again to bed 

And make me dream

Of the head you’d give

Me wildly unseemly –

Oh so tiny 

Dead – 

Is if you showed 

Me – Nay! 

Proved without doubt! – 

That you ever loved me at all.

Because the tipping point 

Is now the slipping point

And my desire for you

Is gone the way 

Of the other three women 

Never in my life:

Down the tube 

Like oncoming train – 

An underground passage

Of fate, just too 


It ain’t a who but a how*

Love ain’t a who but a how.

Love ain’t a why but a now.

Love ain’t a time but a place.

Love ain’t a race but a fate.

Love ain’t too late –

and if it is, it ain’t love.

And so I realise my capacity 

to love another

ain’t limited to one,

nor needs 

to be one 

in particular


And all the women I have loved

who refused to love me back

are no longer in the awful sack

I once 

carried on my back.

To KD, M, K and C:

I am 

beginning to gain freedom

of your absence and rejections.

Ejections of violent passivity:

no longer a thing

in the bling of my life.

A new life stretches 


now quite before me:

one of thought-

through ambitions – no longer perceptions  

of rigid tradition, 

of patterns and 

terrible stultifications.

The freedom to think 

without boundaries blinkered:

I am sudden young boy

with the biggest toy I did


* Thanks to Em & Co: you are forging my liberty …

You CAN have your take AND keep it!

This world is to be won

And it is to be sung

And it is to be thought 

And it is to be bought 

And it is sold

And it is old

And it is life

And it is love

And it is sex

And it is Mex

And it is white

And it is violent 

And it is gentle

And it is kind

And it is back

And it is front 

And side by side.

And it is colour

And it is pride

And it is wide

And it is text

And it is talk 

And it is resilience

And resistance.

And it is power exerted

And it is people hurted

And it is people fighting back

And it is people ignored 

And it is people whored

And it is people

And it is …

It most certainly is!

And … most of all, and most so fine 

I realise I was wrong:

You have a right to take it all.

You have a duty to name this fall.

And when it’s all so same and done 

You CAN have your take 

AND keep it!