No way back … back, no way

No way back from the road you are treading.

Slower than others would have liked.

But then what is a like in a social age?

And what is a friend?

And who follows whom?

And where does all of this real truly loom?


And how do we weave the tapestries of gold?

[Or is that a yeller?  Tell me, good

feller!  Tell me

right bold … I am well placed

to behold.]


Of sold and bought?

Of sought and easy taught?

Of learnt and weren’t and was and is?

Of falling down and picking up?

Of picking up and rising further?

Of love, and all that surely

you’d be giving me?

Of me,

and all that surely I’d be giving you?

The two of us together – what might we do?

How right could we sight the love and the life,

and the sight and the soundest

of friendliest tones?

The moans of sheer pleasure,

and the blown of real treasure?


I promise you nothing and,

even so,

absolute everything,

my dear.

No way back … back, no way:

oh, [I] do

[C] you [B].


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