Ideas / Matter / In / Exploration 

And so it becomes clear

Like a veil of 

Hard tears: diamonds of 

Ancient industry – so maybe

That you and me,

And maybe


And so I get to this place,

At the slowest of paces:

I am wanted 

Not because I am feared 

But because like many others,

Finer than me,

Better and grander and 


Than me,

More childlike than childish,

More playful than wayful,

I am revered – even where 

Only gently – for exactly that

Wildness and

Madness and 

Rigour to

Explore and make

Everything matter, and then create – with huge bad ass! – the

Ideas that will never fail to


And disruption is pain, 

And change ain’t always cool,

But me and you together

Would be world-

Cracking I’m sure.

So is this a game

To crack a world or

Even time – which 


Is no longer a matter for my rage?

Kind of a sage, I guess;

And kind of a sage from the day 

He was sworn.

The day they pulled him


To a time 

Out of time.

A stranger place to be,

Full of strangers

I now see.

A nothing which suddenly acquires

A sense of wonder

Out of nowhere.

A thought experiment, then, to proceed 

This happy path:

Nothing original;

Nothing at all criminal.

What if at some “when”

These worlds and time

Were cracked 

And whizzed

And twizzled 

And maybe kissed by geniuses future

Of true forking path?

What would 

Become of all our presents?

What then of all our futures?

And so another thought does begin to intrigue me:

Of those who teach 

And taught, and have always 

Sought answers where

No light exists,

What if – of these people quite of the present

Who demonstrated wisdoms quite beyond

The norm – 

Clever they 

Were placed (almost madly unbeknownst to 


In spaces of impact and movement and brought,

Where grey cells under pressure

Were able –


Of the fear and the pain,

So delivered and 

So remained and

So draining and

So winding [up] –

To work out the answer to this 


Verse so brainy?

What I do mean to say is:

Even if it ain’t occurring,

Wouldn’t the future have already gone back to the

Passed I do describe, 

In order to identify 

The thinkers fine and sound of

The no longer must 

In this past we now lived?


Where is it wrong?

Which of the two?


Or am I gone truly sad – and punishment 

Is now my date?

And if the latter is the case, and no longer 

Will we fuck,

At least ensure some kindly 

Nurse does

Occasionally tuck me 

In bed, nice up …

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